Company Branding


Some hard questions you should ask any branding agency are: What is the ROI on a logo? What value will you add to my business? How do you plan on helping me leverage my brand once it’s created? If the company you are hiring can’t answer with confidence & passion, you might want to rethink how to proceed.

Without simply giving out the “Colonels Secret Recipe”, we can assure you, we’d LOVE the opportunity to answer these questions for you. Ultimately, optimal brand strategy is about both creation & execution.

At Awkward Entertainment LLC., we are confident and eager to prove what we can accomplish for you. Our dedication to your brand and the work we deliver will show why branding matters. All it takes on your part is to meet with us to decide for yourself.


A proper aesthetic is the key to first impressions. Color, design, and spacing are elements we use to generate emotions that communicate who you are at a glance. We want to build trust and make you impossible to forget. We don’t just want to put you on the map, we want you to be the first thing everyone looks at.

Branding is not a logo. Branding is all about that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you think or hear about someone you love. It’s that trust you have when you know they’re involved. When they’re at bat, it’s that desire to see them hit a home run. We want your customers to feel that way about you, and that’s exactly what we’ll do.


Animated Logos

Boise Weekly – Animated Logo

Boise Weekly – Idaho Art Quarterly – Animated Logo

Boise Weekly – Scenes From A Scene – Animated Logo

Boise Weekly – One Block at a Time – Animated Logo

Awkward Entertainment LLC Logo

Bush-Whitney LLC Animated Logo

DeLine Picures: 2001

Print & Graphic Design


They said that the Kindle would kill books and magazines were bound to go out of print. Things were up in the air for a while, but paper isn’t going anywhere. Your customers like to hold something physical in their hands – to smell the ink and see the colors – our printed products are so beautiful no one wants to throw them away. From business cards to 100 page publications, we practically produce collectibles.


Imagine your ideal customer sitting at their computer. They have their accounting software up, their web browser has twenty open tabs, and they’re trying to figure out why their spreadsheets keep printing sideways. The moment they sit back and wish they had some help, what do they see? Your beautiful flyer sitting right next to their steaming cup of coffee. Put your thoughts on paper; we’ll get them into your customer’s hands.

Business Cards & Corporate Stationery Design

A well-designed, professionally printed business card makes a strong first impression. We designs clean, crisp, sophisticated corporate stationery packages and works with experienced partners to provide high-quality professional printing services.

Corporate Brochures & Publications

Thoughtful, well-executed print design is a valuable addition to your marketing toolkit — especially in the age of digital-first marketing. From trifolds to corporate brochures to publication design, We create a wide variety of printed marketing materials that help you build a more well-rounded, comprehensive marketing plan.

Packaging Design

A well-designed package incites an emotional connection in consumers that can affect their purchasing decisions (including a willingness to pay more for the same product), improve their experience, and boost your brand perception. We work with you to determine specs and create a design that stands out amongst your competitors on the shelf.
Outdoor Media, Posters & Trade Show Displays

Large format print design presents a series of challenges, including resolution requirements and the very limited time you have to communicate key brand messaging and specific offers. We plan and design effective large-format print campaigns with clear, concise messaging to create memorable marketing communications – at a glance.